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A new system for receiving satellite tv direct dish has the inside that allows great effect to receive DirecTV Dishnetwork
Ideal for developing a new market to united states with the protection of U.S. Patent
You can develop this activity safely
We sell this patent because of retirement of CEO
Call me at 0033 662496727 for possible negotiation


His original form allows its installation where you would have problems with a traditional parabolic antenna.

With CubSat you avoid any problems with your neighbors or the owners of apartment buildings

The size and the estethic form of CubSat allows an almost invisible installation everywhere

Sells total American antenna cubsat Protection patent for the development and the marketing on the American DIRECTV
territory and future TV ud ultra high definition 4 k satellite.

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current satellite system                                                            and satellite system integrated in Cubsat Patented
letter files

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